Today is NOT a good day for science!

( Part I of many more to come :/ )

Today, I finally reached the end of patience with the Bluetooth-connected Apple keyboard and the freaking Magic Mouse. 

I like wireless stuff as much as the next geek, but when, in the middle of my code, the keyboard decided to die and the mouse starts notifying me that it, too, is almost out of juice, I flipped.

“That’s it, you fuckers, you’re getting replaced!!!”

So I checked my meagre balance, decided I could at least replace the keyboard (I really do need my delete key for when stuff makes me mad – “DELETE!!! DELETE!!!! Begone!”). I went to the nearest somewhat-decent computer shop and got me the wired Apple keyboard. 

After grabbing some awesome lunch, I get home, super-excited. I unseal my keyboard, open the box, get the new beauty, plug it in the extension USB cable, and open a document. And I happily type “qweqweeqwq”.


“Uhm, maybe I should check out the manual… There’s a USB slot on the right side of my keyboard. What’s up with that?”

I take the manual. Nothing about the additional USB slot, so that one’s still a mystery. 

But, it clears things up about how to install the keyboard. Plug it in, start the Software Update and TAAADAAA!!! You can start using your awesome new keyboard.


“What the hell is going on?!” So I start checking everything: USB to extension – check,  power on button – no such thing, USB to iMac…. Whoops! 


Note to self: When you get new tech shit, the order of doing things is this: 

1. Light up a cigarette and calm the fuck down.

2. If needed, take the manual and make the effort to at least scan the highlights. 


4. Test and rejoice. 

2 thoughts on “Today is NOT a good day for science!

  1. Well at least the troubleshooting logic was correct. :-)

    Rejoice at least it wasn’t a PC running Windows. Even when plugged in it might not have worked.

    I like the Apple wired keyboard. It mirrors what they have done on the MacBook Pro’s. However, it too is a membrane style keyboard, which probably cost Apple a whopping $5 to mfg and $60 to sell in the retail chain.

    Unfortunately, unlike the first generation of keyboards developed for the Macintosh, which were mechanical, you’re maybe only good for a couple of years before you have to replace it due to wear and tear, and the occasional OOPS, oh crap… I spilled…coffee, soda and juice all over my keyboard.

    If you do a lot of key pounding or game playing and need to hit the keybinding “Innervate” button a lot because your healers are over healing in a raid, go with a mechanical keyboard like the Das Keyboard Model S Professional For Mac or the Matias Tactile Pro 3.

    These keyboards are a little noisy, cost more, but are built like tanks and will outlive the next 5 generations of Macs you may purchase, assuming Apple doesn’t decide to change the peripheral attachment style.


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